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A Well Shaped Brow Can Make A World of Difference

Have you ever noticed how eyes look downturned when brows are shaped that way? This can really age your face. Yet a great shaped brow has the power to give a subtle and effective eye lift - giving your eyes a fuller, more natural look.

Like a frame gives a picture definition, your brows frame your face. Well shaped, groomed brows open up your face giving eyes the illusion of being bigger and more defined.

Brows draw attention to eyes, bringing out bone structure, which opens up the face. Fuller more natural brows gives a more youthful expression, so it’s a key step in your makeup regime.

Styles come and go

We’ve all lived through many bad style trends, not least the slug brow. You can’t help but wonder what someone was thinking or why they felt it was a good look. Much to my daughter’s dismay, I apparently give that ‘head on one side in disbelief look’ when meeting her friends, who clearly feel extremely proud of their painted on Groucho Marx brows!

However, I can't preach too much, as I was part of a generation of women who plucked their brows to extinction, some never to return. If you were there in the 70s, chances are you know exactly what I'm talking about.

The Kinks may have sung 'She's a dedicated follower of fashion’, but there are definitely some trends we don’t have to follow.

Jo is a former chief makeup artist for Armani. Her previous clients include Princess Diana, Madonna, Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler, to name just a few. Her mission is to teach women how they can use makeup to highlight, embrace and celebrate their mature skin and natural beauty.

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