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Looking Ahead to 2022: Thrive, Don't Just Survive!

Our theme for the New Year is Your time to Thrive- don’t just survive the menopause!

For far too long women have been given second rate care, information and support to navigate your way through this natural, transitional time. We have created www.harleytstathome.com to provide everything you need to make your menopause a truly positive experience. For that to happen we truly believe you need to look at supporting your mind, body and soul. Building your menopause toolkit means so much more than just looking at your hormones. Your diet, lifestyle, sleep, emotional wellbeing, energy levels are all part of how you feel on the inside and out. Our timetable of events includes classes, workshops and support to help you build every element of your menopause toolkit. This is your place to take time out and focus on your needs.

For 2022 we are working on a range of exciting new courses, all designed to help you Thrive and feel the very best you can now and, in the decades, ahead of you.

These courses and events are all included in your regular HSAH membership and are offered in addition to our regular weekly timetable.


Beat bloating and support your digestive health (6-week course)

Registered Associate Nutritionist (Nutr) Lucy Jones has adapted her IBS & Digestive health course to offer you a step-by-step course in taking care of your digestive system and feeling less bloated. You will learn about the fundamentals of good nutrition for gut health, how to support your microbiome and the delicate links between emotional wellbeing and digestion.

An introduction to Mindfulness with Alex Bannard (8-week course)

Your mind has a huge impact on how you see yourself in the world and on how other people, places and things can make you feel. Adjusting how you process external things and living life on life’s terms can be enormously freeing. Alex will guide you gently through the basics of living and thinking more mindfully and teach you how to incorporate mindfulness into everyday, real life.

Managing your anxiety with Rachel Willett (8-week course)

Rachel willet is a Transformational Therapist and Coach specialising in helping people get over low self-worth and live with courage. In this course Rachel will help you understand the power of your mind and how to harness this to manage anxiety more efficiently.


  • Midlife skin care course in partnership with Balance Me Skincare
  • Face yoga course


  • The launch of HSAH running club with Gail Titchener
  • Shoulder and knee Rehab with Physiotherapist Priska


  • Clinical Aromatherapy Course


  • The joy of sex


  • Menopause sleep course

There’s so much to look forward to!

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