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Menopause in the News: December 2021

It's that time again where we check the news out for all things menopause. We really wanted to highlight two main articles this month.

Menopause is Forcing One Million Women to Retire Early

It's been estimated one million women have retired early due to the menopause - which firstly, just isn't on! No one should let the menopause make them feel like they can't work anymore. If you feel like this describes you, please reach out to either your GP or seek help and support from one of our specialist menopause doctors.

The government are hinting concern since women aged over 50 are suggested to be the fastest-growing population of the workforce. In fact, it's implied 1 in 5 women leave their workplace due to menopause symptoms! This means there's an impact on workplace pensions, meaning many individuals will receive lower pensions.

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Greater Exposure to Oestrogen in Life May Protect Brain Regions that are Vulnerable to Alzheimer's in Women

Reduced levels of oestrogen (which occurs during menopause) is suggested to have an impact on the cellular structure of the brain, particularly in those parts of the brain involved with Alzheimer's disease.

New research suggests a possible link between greater exposure to oestrogen (including that from HRT) and protection against some of these adverse changes in the brain linked to Alzheimer's disease.

However, it's always important to note that this is just one study! Strong evidence requires robust study designs (for example, the mentioned study only had 99 participants... we need much larger sample sizes!) and evidence from multiple studies.

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