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Our New Summer Timetable

We’re always saying that Harley Street at Home: Menopause exists because of you and for you - and that’s 100% true. But, we could tell that something wasn’t quite right in our content and so we sent out a survey to see what you were really after.

We want to thank those who responded to this survey from the bottom of our hearts. Your responses have been vital in our work over the past month, and as a result we’ve created our new Summer timetable with YOU in mind.

Where can I see the new Summer timetable?

Our new timetable is live from Tuesday 2nd May and will be available on your calendar. You can also find a print-out version here.

What changes were made?

From our survey….

We’ve added more food and nutrition support

Forty-percent of you are here for food and nutrition support. Whilst we already had sessions such as The Menopause Kitchen and Know Your Nutrients already available, this clearly wasn’t enough! Nigel and Lucy have redesigned the timetable to ensure you receive new nutrition and food sessions daily to help empower your food choices and weight management journey.

Not only this, but once a month, our dream team of nutrition experts Nigel and Lucy will be teaming up to test out different foods and deciding which is the ‘best’ AND they’ll be demystifying different diets and telling you whether there’s actually any truth behind them. Keep your eyes open for their start date in May.

We’ve changed our evening class times

You let us know that our 6pm evening classes were just too early for you. We’d really love for as many of you as possible to join the classes you want to live. As a result, we’ve changed our evening classes so that they happen either at 7pm or 8pm.

We’ve started planning more masterclasses

We asked what lifestyle masterclasses you’d like to see and you made it crystal clear exactly what you wanted. We’re now working behind the scenes to make these masterclasses happen… so keep your eyes peeled for announcements coming soon!

We think our new and improved Summer timetable is the best it’s ever been and we hope you do too. All you need to do now is decide which classes you want to join…

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