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Harley Street

Session 4: Nutrition Advice - Hormone Therapy for Prostate with Nigel Denby and Adore your Pelvic Floor

The fourth information video of the series we are offering at Adore Your Pelvic Floor with advice specific to men receiving hormone treatment for prostate cancer.

Nigel Denby – Dietitian is based at Harley Street.

Nigel has focussed this 25-minute session to: Managing Weight Gain Nutrition for Heart and Bone Health Hydration.

He guides us through the recommended food groups, vitamins and minerals with lifestyle eating patterns to give us a balanced food intake for health, whilst focussing on the needs often required by men receiving treatment for prostate.

Nigel Denby: https://www.instagram.com/menopause_dietitian/

Adore Your Pelvic Floor: https://adoreyourpelvicfloor.co.uk/courses/teacher-education-classes/

To find your local Men’s Pelvic health Physio: https://www.squeezyapp.com/directory/

Squeezy App for Men to help with pelvic floor exercises: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/squeezy-for-men-the-nhs-physiotherapy-app-for-pelvic/id929618748

Pelvic Roar offer great Men’s Health Advice https://www.pelvicroar.org/men

Video Series Endorsed by Katrina Wade – Specialist Women’s and Men’s Pelvic Health Physio BSc (HONS) MCSP https://www.bodyworksphysio.net/men-s-health/physiotherapy-and-prostate-surgery/

We welcome health organisations to share the endorsed series as a free resource to enable men to have access to evidence-based advice to support them during hormone treatment.

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