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Thrive with our February Yoga Programmes

Welcome to February, one of the dreariest months of the year but not at HSAH….

This month we have NEW YOGA COURSES on offer and we are adding to your self care toolkit by partnering with Balance ME, a 100% natural skincare company.

New Yoga Courses to help you Thrive

Bev Welch is starting a new course on Wednesday evenings at 6pm which combines Qi Gong and Tapping: all the goodness of qi gong plus the benefits of tapping rolled into one session.

On Thursday mornings at 8am, we a new breathwork course taught by Melike Hussein who will introduce you to different ways of breathing for better mood, immunity and energy.

And don’t forget that we still have Rise & Shine, Reflexology and A Beginners Guide to Meditation & Mindfulness taking place each week this month.

Last month we started our Vision Board journey. A vision board is a way of setting intentions for the year ahead and to help us stay on track towards achieving them. This is a year long course guided by Louise Bartlett who will keep us motivated throughout the year with useful tips and quarterly workshops.

If you ‘d like to join the course, don’t worry. You can still join. If you missed the first session, you can catch up with the recording.

The February Yoga Schedule looks like this:


  • 8am Rise & Shine with Annie Hayes Pantony
  • 7pm Reflexology with Meg Murray Jones


  • 6pm Moving with the Moon Yoga with Louise Pitman


  • 10am Zen at Ten with Me!
  • 6pm Qi Gong & Tapping with Bev Welch


  • 8am Breathwork Melike Hussein


  • 11am Beginners Guide to Meditation & Mindfulness Alex Bannard

Year long Vision Board Programme with Louise Bartlett

Collaboration with Balance Me

This month, we are collaborating with Balance Me, a 100% natural skincare company.

They will be hosting a “Self Care Begins with Skin Care” session on the 23rd February at 7pm and demonstrating:

  • How to look after winter skin
  • A daily skincare routine
  • Which ingredients nourish and energise menopausal skin

Look out for the Balance Me team in your yoga sessions who will show you how you can incorporate skincare products into a yoga practice.

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