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Visualise how to Thrive in 2022

This year, we want to support you to THRIVE all year long. And when you are supported, it makes it easier to move your life forward. Making New Year’s resolutions in January can seem like a good idea at the time, but by February most of us have dropped the newly formed and well-meaning intentions and have gone back to our old ways. Well, this year we want to support you all year long!

In January, Louise Bartlett hosted a 2 hour workshop, The Power of Vision Boards, to help us visualise the life we want to create in 2022 and beyond. If you’re not familiar with Vision Boards, they are goal-manifesting collages that transform dreams into action through inspiring words and pictures. Devote some time to self-care — set aside a couple of hours and invest in discovering, visualising, and building the life that you want to live.

In February, Louise is back to support us by Creating Rituals That Work. It’s no good setting unrealistic goals that we know we will never achieve. Instead, let’s focus on meaningful goals that are simple, easy and satisfying. Learn to release anxiety and set yourself up for success by starting small.

March is all about Metamorphosis. Like the caterpillar who turns into a butterfly, we also transform into wise women who step fully into our power and knowing. We’ll explore metamorphosis through movement, breath and rituals.

April is for Nourishment of all the senses. Learn how to nourish our minds, body and soul from aromatherapy to mapping our minds’ visions. This month, Louise leads a workshop on Nourishing the Soul.

May is a time to Blossom + Bloom. We’ll look at ways to nourish our bodies through better sleep and taking time to stop and smell the roses with daily gratitude prompts.

In June, we go with the ebbs + flow, by spending time observing the Ocean Flow

July is all about Summer Fun and finding ways to create peace and joy as we navigate through menopause.

In August, Louise will run another workshop, and the theme is Rebellion! How long have you been playing safe, staying small, not being heard? Well, this workshop will change all that. We’ll learn to be brave, bold and beautiful.

September sees the Changing Seasons. In Chinese medicine, menopause is described as moving from Autumn into Winter. We’ll look at ways to slow down and fill out cups with self-care.

October is World Menopause Month. We’ll look at ways that Vulnerability shows up in our lives and how we can use it as a super power to step into our greatness.

November is the month of Gratitude. We’ll spend time holding space for gratitude, how we can show up and support each other as we collectively move through menopause with grace, kindness and gratitude for what comes next.

And finally, December brings us into Reflection of the year that’s passed. We’ll look at visions that came to fruition, dreams that came true and dreams that we decided to let go of because they no longer supported the women we have transformed into.

If you’re ready to join us, then please sign up to our Menopause Self-Care or Supported Menopause Care Membership, so you don’t miss out on all of the exciting and transformative plans we have on offer for 2022!

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