The Harley Street at Home Symptom tracker makes Menopause all about you.

The symptom tracker is here to help you focus on improving your symptoms as effectively as possible. At the beginning of each calendar month log-in and click ‘tracker’ from the left-hand menu. Choose ALL the symptoms from the list below that you are experiencing and click ‘download’. This will create a personalised daily tracker for you to record when you experience these symptoms. Print it out and keep it on your fridge, in your hand-bag, by the side of your bed – somewhere you will remember to fill it in every day. Come back each month to create a new, tailored tracker so you can directly compare your month-on-month symptoms.

6 ways the tracker can support your menopause journey:

  • Am I peri-menopausal? By far the most important indicator of whether you are starting the peri menopause is how you’re feeling. If you are around 46 (although it can often start in younger women) and notice you are feeling ‘different’ it’s a good indicator that your hormones are beginning to change. Use the symptom tracker to establish a baseline then keep an eye on your symptoms for a few weeks to see if there is a trend or a pattern forming before contacting a healthcare professional.
  • What’s bothering me the most? The symptoms of peri menopause and menopause are broad and varied. Very few women experience all the symptoms listed on the tracker. Some symptoms will be more bothersome than others, and the tracker can help you work out what’s causing you the most disturbance - instead of just “not feeling right” the tracker can help you get specific about how you don’t feel right and see the trends change throughout your cycle.
  • Preparing to get help and support Going to get professional help about your peri menopause and menopause can be a bit daunting, especially if you know time is going to be limited. The tracker can help you prepare for a consultation with your GP, Nurse Practitioner or Menopause Specialist Doctor - keep a record of your symptoms so you can be clear about what’s bothering you and how you are feeling. Take your symptom tracker along with you to the consultation to share specific timeframes and symptoms.
  • Choosing the right treatment Some treatments can be more effective than others for treating different peri menopause and menopause symptoms. The tracker can help you narrow down the symptoms which cause you most concern so that you can work with your health professional to choose the best treatment to suit you.
  • Adjusting my treatment It’s not unusual for many symptoms of the peri menopause to improve quite quickly with some forms of treatment. Other symptoms can be more persistent. Your treatment may need adjusting and “tweaking” as your peri menopause and menopause changes. The tracker can be very helpful in seeing how adjustments in treatment are working for you. Use the ‘Notes’ section on the tracker to note the tweaks and changes you are making to your care plan so you can see what’s working.
  • Adjusting my lifestyle Managing your peri menopause and menopause is about so much more than treatment. Adjusting your lifestyle and including some self-care for your mind, body and soul is just as important as balancing hormones. By identifying the symptoms which are bothering you the most you can focus on the areas of your lifestyle you’d like to work on to make this time the most positive time of your life.


If you are concerned about your symptoms at any time, please contact your medical professional