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Harley Street


Simone, US

Gail, Oxfordshire

I am looking forward to the new website where I can instantly find what I am looking for. I am sure there will be many more courses to go on and perhaps some classes for exercise. It will be good to listen to guest speakers too.

In the words of our Simone West, “Knowledge is power, knowledge is strength, knowledge is taking control of your menopause.”

Helen, Manchester

Sara, New Zealand

I’ve really enjoyed watching all your video clips on Facebook and Instagram. They have all been so informative and helpful. I really respect the clear and empathetic style you deliver. Thank you for helping me to increase my knowledge so much more than it was. I have been tuning into everything I can to expand my awareness further.

This morning I took my “Dr Naomi Potter menopause checklist” to my GP and I had a very productive discussion and outcome from the appointment with her. I really want to thank Harley Street at Home so much for helping to facilitate my GP vivt all the way down here in New Zealand. I am so Incredibly grateful. You do such fantastic work.

Kay, Lancashire

Michelle, UK

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