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Lynn Gorman

Finding Harley Street at Home and becoming part of the most welcoming and supportive community has literally saved me and my sanity. Not only do I now understand how and why I felt as I did throughout my menopause journey so far, because of the amount of knowledge and experience available, but the Back to Basics Menopause Lifestyle and Weight Management programme underpins this, with a holistic approach on how to actually make changes to your lifestyle, so I can once again embrace life and enjoy finding me again!


Harley Street at Home offers such great value for money. The team are fabulous, giving expert advice on all things menopause, from nutrition, to wellbeing, exercise, and symptoms. They are so approachable, and nothing is too much trouble. I regularly attend the online exercise and wellbeing classes, including Pilates, Yoga, Strength training and Meditation. I have spoken to the menopause doctors in the online group clinics, who have always provided great reassurance. I follow the Back to Basics Menopause Lifestyle and Weight Management programme, which is headed up by the amazing Nigel, a dietitian who truly understands menopausal women. I highly recommend Harley Street at Home.

Esther Maunder

I had been looking for months and months for an exercise programme that would enable me to work out at home. I came across Harley Street at Home via a recommendation and it was everything I was looking for and so, so much more. I can choose from multiple different live classes or do classes in my own time due to them being recorded. This is incredible for me as a busy, working mum. The instructors are warm, welcoming and absolute experts in their field for women in the peri and menopausal phases of their lives. I have absolutely loved finding my favourite classes and finding a wonderfully supportive group of women. My strength & fitness are now at levels I never thought I'd see again! I'm running regularly and lifting weights - both things I thought were behind me! Not only that, but I can access expert nutritional advice and even live input from Doctors to ask any questions I might have about my menopausal symptoms. I am so so grateful I found this community - it's been life changing for me. At a time in life that can feel lonely, overwhelming and just very hard, I feel armed with knowledge and skills which I didn't even know I needed! Thank you so much for this incredible resource!

Julie Adcock

Harley Street at Home has become my daily 'Bible'. For a small monthly fee (a lot less than a gym membership!), I have access to online exercise classes with first class instructors, workshops run by professionals in their field and a vast amount of printable information. I access the website every day, it has become a huge part of my daily routine.

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