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Back to Basics 12 Week Menopause Weight Management and Lifestyle Programme Pilot Launch into the NHS

Programme Aim

We want to offer patients of NHS GP clinics the opportunity to access free membership to the Harley Street at Home menopause community. The Back to Basics 12 week Menopause Weight Management and Lifestyle Programme will act as the main incentive for GPs to refer patients to the opportunity.

The Back to Basics programme will be streamed live into participating NHS GP Practices each week. A cohort of patients will be able to watch each session as a group, supported by a practice host. We hope to create in each practice the sense of camaraderie and community support Harley Street at Home offers online. Other patients will able to watch the sessions independently, from home.

NHS practices will join the programme along with individual Harley Street at Home members.

Programme Evaluation

We will evaluate the pilot and collect data on both programme engagement and health markers - weight and blood pressure. We will also measure quality of life and optimism outcomes at 3 months and 6 months post intervention. Another key aspect of evaluation will be its impact on the amount of time health professionals devote to giving lifestyle advice.

With this data, we hope to be able to promote the service to more NHS GP Practices, and fund roll out by charging a small administration fee/license to each practice.

Evaluation will be carried out independently by NHS South, Central and West www.scwcsu.nhs.uk

Patient Privacy

Patients will be asked to give their permission for sessions to be recorded and their details to be stored by Harley Street at Home so that we can contact them via email with reminders and details about the sessions. They will be asked to consent to their details being shared with our evaluation partners.

Cost to Each NHS Practice

There are no direct costs to the practice, or to patients, as part of this pilot programme. The only requirements are that the practice currently operates a women’s health or menopause clinic, and that they have the ability to host a the weekly live streamed sessions for approximately 30 participants.

About Back to Basics

The Harley Street at Home Back to Basics Menopause Lifestyle and Weight Management programme teaches core, proven principles to healthy living, weight loss at menopause, and how to thrive through menopause transition and beyond. No fads or quick fixes.

To date, the dietitian-led programme has supported over 1500 women through the Harley Street at Home menopause community.


The programme is delivered live, over Zoom, and includes interaction, participant polls and small group discussion. Sessions are delivered live on Monday evenings from 7.00pm-8.30pm (8pm-8.30pm is for private practice group discussion). All sessions are recorded and available on demand for those participants who are unable to attend live.

Programme Content

Over 12 weeks the programme covers key elements for long-term health, and weight and lifestyle management, including:

  • Starting your new lifestyle
  • Building your personal action plan
  • Monitoring and tracking your progress
  • Dealing with sabotage, lapsing and relapse
  • Digestive health
  • Successes, milestones and next steps
  • Reframing your thinking and relationship with food
  • Eating well for a healthy heart
  • The fundamentals of good nutrition through menopause
  • Eating well for bone health
  • Planning for healthy indulgence
  • Keep on, keeping on

Additional Patient Resources

Alongside the weekly live programme, referred patients will also have access to the following additional support and resources through their Harley Street at Home free membership – both live, and on demand:

  • Daily exercise classes in strength, resistance and restorative exercise
  • Emotional wellbeing classes
  • Anxiety management
  • Digestive health management
  • Sleep management
  • Menopause open clinic led by British Menopause Specialist Doctors
  • Menopause wellbeing masterclasses


We would like to acknowledge the unrestricted educational grants received for this programme from Theramex, Besins and Symprove. We would also like to acknowledge the sponsorship of the heart health session by Linwoods.

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