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Harley Street at Home Collaboration with Myla Health

We couldn’t be more excited to announce an exciting new collaboration for Harley Street at Home with Myla Health, an incredible team of Menopause Specialist doctors who share the same passion we do at Harley Street at Home - to empower women to thrive through menopause and make evidence-based, gold-standard guidance accessible to every woman.

Led by Dr Olivia Hum and Dr Zoe Schaedel, whose name you may already recognise from previous Harley Street at Home appearances, the Myla Health team of caring, compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable doctors will be hosting monthly clinics into our Facebook group, as well as helping to provide guidance for some of the more complex Facebook queries. We’ll also be hosting masterclasses with the Myla Health team on specialist areas to allow a deeper dive into some of the hot topics that we know are top of your list of queries and concerns.

The Myla menopause specialists cover a multitude of specialisms from migraines to sleep and urogenital health to POI, so it goes without saying we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect team to join the Harley Street at Home family.

As always, only general guidance can be offered over social media, but should you wish to, you can book private appointments directly with any of the Myla team who all offer in person and remote consultations. We’ll be sure to share details with you on a regular basis.

Our first Facebook clinic will be on Thursday, 9th February with Dr Zoe Schaedel, so look out for details of how to submit your questions. Until then, please join us in welcoming Myla Health to the Harley Street at Home community.

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