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How to Build Resilience in Menopause

The dictionary tells us that resilience is the capacity to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties. Let’s look at what this means for menopause and what we can do to thrive through physical, emotional and spiritual change.

Believe in you

Find a mantra or positive affirmation to encourage a more positive mindset, and believe that you can navigate this time of change in your life.

Talk about how you feel

When people ask how you are, the answer doesn’t have to be “I’m OK,” especially when you’re not. Share how you really feel and stay connected with sources of support - friends, family and Harley Street at Home. It’s OK not to be OK.

Help others

We learn so much about menopause on our journey, and it’s helpful to share learnings with someone who feels the same way. It helps them know they’re not going through things alone or even going mad. Helping someone else activates positive emotion, which also supports resilience. A small act of kindness or compassion can go a long way.

Learn a new skill

Menopause is the time to stop making excuses, put yourself first and do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Learning can be fun, it can lead to a sense of fulfilment, an achievement, another tool in your resilience box.

Be a survivor

Identify your life raft - mine is my yoga mat, Yoga is a wonderful tool for cultivating resilience. Moving in harmony with the breath gives a sense of strength; teaching others gives me a sense of community and allows me to stay connected. It completely activates a positive emotion in me and instils a sense of helping others.

Yoga also has many health benefits: it can improve flexibility and balance, increase muscle strength and tone, improve respiration, energy, and vitality. It’s also good for cardio and circulatory health and helps to maintain a balanced metabolism, all massive menopause wins.

If yoga isn’t for you, Harley Street at Home has many movement options to choose from - Pilates, strength classes, yoga, walking, running and more. You just need to find what works for you. What raises your pulse, brings a smile to your face, makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. Find the fun, find the vibe, find your tribe. Build your own resilience.

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