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Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust Partners with Harley Street at Home to Support Staff Dealing with the Menopause

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) is joining forces with Harley Street at Home to develop a unique menopause support programme for its 5,500 staff. The initiative is the first of its kind for the Trust and launches today to recognise World Menopause Awareness Day.

The collaboration between SCFT and Harley Street at Home aims to help those affected by menopause to access evidence-based medical and lifestyle support information. It also aims to help raise awareness for staff indirectly affected by menopause and build a community of understanding and support.

The package of support includes:

  • Training for managers to better support staff who are struggling to manage work while dealing with symptoms of menopause
  • A series of webinars for looking at different aspects of menopause and how to manage individual menopause journeys
  • Training and appointment of in-house menopause champions to signpost staff to accurate, evidence-based information - including a series of workshops on how to recognise, treat and manage the symptoms of menopause
  • Free access to specialist menopause support programmes, including medical advice, lifestyle and exercise classes

Michelle Eades, Head of Strategic Development at SCFT and Co-Chair of the South East Region Menopause Network commented: ‘SCFT have been actively listening to their staff to understand the experience of individuals in the menopause transition at work. A survey confirmed the impact of the menopause across every level of the organisation. It is our hope that this new collaboration will help to meet the needs of our staff and support them to be well at work.’

Nigel Denby, Menopause Dietitian and founder of Harley Street at Home commented: ‘The impact of menopause on staff in the workplace is better understood now than ever before. We know that colleagues with incredible skills are being lost all the time. We think this is a needless and preventable loss of skills and it is clearly a growing area of concern. We are delighted to partner with SCFT for this exciting project.’

Dr Zoe Schaedel, a Brighton GP and Menopause Specialist with Myla Health says “Since SCFT’s trailblazing Menopause Conference one year ago, they have been committed to developing a programme that meets the needs of their workforce. I am delighted to be involved, helping to provide the best evidence based information to support individuals to thrive at work through their menopause transition.”

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