Monday, May 2, 2022   (8 events)

The Mindfulness of breath Meditation

2 May, at 6:00am

Week 1: Yoga for Every Body with Louise Pitman

2 May, at 8:00am

Week 1: The Menopause Strength Building Class with Clara Mosha

2 May, at 10:00am

A Practical Guide to How Skin Changes During the Menopause with Balance Me Skincare

2 May, at 12:00pm

Week 1: Shoulder Rehab with Priska Hoving

2 May, at 2:00pm

Real Women, Real Stories: Amanda Ambler

2 May, at 4:00pm

The Menopause Kitchen with Nigel Denby: Snacking is Important

2 May, at 6:00pm

Week 2: Back to Basics Menopause Lifestyle and Weight Management Programme

2 May, at 7:00pm