Thursday, May 5, 2022   (7 events)

Week 5: Moving with the Moon Yoga with Louise Pitman

5 May, at 6:00am

Week 6: Bring on the Band with Caroline Kerslake

5 May, at 8:00am

Week 6: Finding Your Fitness and Strength with Lesley Waldron

5 May, at 9:30am

Rachel Willett’s Mind Bites: Accepting Little Gifts

5 May, at 11:00am

The Menopause Clinic with Dr Emma Ping

5 May, at 4:00pm

The Menopause Kitchen with Nigel Denby: Menu Planning

5 May, at 6:00pm

Calm Your Body and Mind with Alex Bannard

5 May, at 8:00pm