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Hair loss in the menopause and midlife

Hair loss is commonly noticed by women in the midlife and around the menopause. Hair is often an important part of how a woman feels about herself, her image and confidence. Therefore, if hair starts to thin, it often makes a woman feel concerned. There are many causes of hair loss and hair thinning. Age is a common cause of female pattern hair loss, which typically starts around the central hair parting and the top of the scalp. Some women notice a gradual thinning of hair from as early as in their 20’s. Your genetics has an important influence of how, when and how much hair thins with age. Other common causes of hair thinning around the menopause is thyroid dysfunction, anaemia, low ferritin and low zinc. These reduce the hair ability to grow. A dramatic and more sudden hair loss often occurs around three months after child birth, after a major illness, a period of stress or dramatic weight loss. If you are concerned about your hair thinning or shredding, it might be worth consulting your doctor. They will assess you and decide if blood tests might be helpful to look for an underlying deficiency. Treating any deficiency should help. You may also want to consider consulting a specialist in hair loss and hair problems, a ‘trichologist’ will perform an in-depth assessment and bespoke, holistic management plan. You can find a trichologist via the ‘Institute of Tricologists’ website.

We know hair thinning can occur due to hormonal changes around the menopause. Hormone replacement can reduce the rate of hair loss and improve the quality of hair. Some women even notice new hair growth.

Reducing stress may also help. Prioritising time each week to do something that you find relaxing or enjoyable can be beneficial.

Exercise can also contribute to overall health and wellbeing. A nutritious, balanced diet, rich in green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds will help support your hair health.

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