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Yoga and meditation for the menopause

If you’re just at the beginning of your journey and starting to take control of your menopause you might still be feeling a long way off how you’d like to feel. We get that it might seem a bit far-fetched when we say this can be the “beginning of the best years of your life”!

It’s only as you build your tool kit of menopause care that our promise starts to become reality. Menopause can be many things - it can be a total pain at times, we know that some of you can feel absolutely ghastly. But, once you begin to get control back, it’s also a moment to stop, pause, reflect, and make some decisions about how you want the years ahead to be.

Your toolkit can comprise of multiple supports to help you through the journey. There are medical and hormonal treatments, the camaraderie, friendship and love from others, good nutrition, exercise, and self- care practices. Each one of these is part of the toolkit.

21st Century living is not easy, it’s even trickier when menopause comes to town. There are no medals for struggling on, coping, putting up with it and not making a fuss – you are worth so much more than that. We are here because we know you deserve so much more than that. Our job is to help you find the way.

We truly believe that every element of your menopause toolkit is as valid and important as the next. Finding a few moments of calm, peace and serenity is as big a part of living a full, happy, and satisfying life as eating right and taking the right balance of hormones to control symptoms.

If you’ve spent a lifetime running around for others, putting other people first and letting your needs go to one side it can feel really alien to do something that’s just for you. Practices like yoga, meditation and mindfulness might seem like they’re for celebrities and the rich and famous. They are for you - they are something everyone needs to function to their full potential. There’s nothing difficult or complicated about gratitude, self-compassion and reflection - these are simple, easy to use practices that everyone of us can make a part of our daily routine. These aren’t luxuries, they’re not self-indulgent or expensive, they’re essential for a happy life and they are all available to you here at www.harleystathome.com

We have an entire team of self-care experts who Libby Stevenson has hand-picked for you. Each of our experts has their own unique style of yoga, self-care, mindfulness, or meditation. They want to share their passion with you. This is all part of your membership and available throughout the week via the weekly calendar.

We encourage you to try as many different styles of self-care as you can. You don’t need fancy equipment, clothes, or a special space to do this. All you need is a willingness to give it a go and an open mind.

The self-care practices and “rituals” you can try with us in our live members' classes have been around for thousands of years - all our teachers have a special interest in menopause and have adapted their practice for women in perimenopause and menopause.

Even after just a short time of using some of these practices you’ll start to feel better in yourself, fitter, healthier and more resilient. If you think you don’t have the time for even 10 minutes of self-care each day, think again. You’ll gain more time as you become more efficient and let go of some of the things you realise aren’t actually important.

Each one of your www.harleystathome.come experts have their own toolkit of self-care practice. We couldn’t manage without them. None of us always manage to do things as well as we’d like, but we all know that without these simple and incredibly effective methods our lives would be more chaotic, unmanageable and we would have far more sleepless nights.

Please don’t pass up the opportunity to find what works for you - you really do deserve this. Learn more about how to join our online community (free and paid membership available) today.

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